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The Cenarion Circle Wiki was created to help aid the role play community of the Cenarion Circle RP realm from World of Warcraft. Here, players may post information about their characters, including such things as diary entries, random role play encounters, character history, and so on. Players are discouraged from posting OOC information unless it directly affects their characters in-game.

If you are a player residing on Cenarion Circle, feel free to create your own character profile and wiki, and spread the word to other players about the wiki and put it to good use.



AAMS Alliance Branch (Anytime Anywhere Messaging Service) - a neutral messenger service that allows for cross-faction communication. Sister guild of the AAMS

Crimson Blades - group dedicated to the defense of Stormwind and surrounding lands.

Esoteric Order of Dagon - mystical order with knowledge of things unseen by most.

Feathers of Iron - a largely neutral mercenary band.

Fellowship of Teldrassil - a guild made up primarily of Night Elves.

Gilnean Liberty Brigade - organization working to free Gilneas from the Forsaken.

Lluchduu Ocheliad - a guild with questionable morals and intent.

Luminos Mortis - a cabal of evil-doers.

Northrend Commonwealth - a group seeking to destroy the Scourge and settle Northrend.

Pia Presidium - a militaristic holy order sworn to defend the people of Azeroth.

Pillar of Honor - a benevolent militaristic group determined to protect the Alliance.


Sons of Lordaeron - survivors of the Third War, seeking to restore Lordaeron.

Stormwind City Watch - the guards of Stormwind City.

Stormwind Jockey Club - a business built around horse racing in and around Stormwind.

Tenth Legion

The Other Side

The Reclamation - an order attempting to restore Azeroth after the Shattering.


AAMS (Anytime Anywhere Messaging Service) - A neutral messenger service that allows for cross-faction communication. Sister guild of the AAMS Alliance Branch

Alterac University - a school for the Horde

Da Doctas - healers and protecters, as well as students of both practices.

Esquire Trading Company - a merchant organization made up of crafters.

Grim Maw Clan

Homeland - "No Purpose Greater, No People Humbler"; a social movement dedicated to preserving Azeroth

Ishnu Por Ah

Modas il Toralar


Payload Inc - a goblin merchant organization.

The Eye of Silvermoon - formerly Kael'Thas' secret police, now protectors of the Horde

The Nightstriders

The Scattered Soldiers - an introductory RP guild

Wardens of Ysera - protectors of the Dragon Aspect Ysera

Winds of Azeroth

Pages of inhabitantsEdit


Aeldgyth Whistlespark

Athiina Smallshield

Cray Auchtin


Mirriande Lightsong

Jol'Casta Markos

Rillik Verogoth

Aquiya Saberdance


Andelia Windtouched


Carathel Callowlight





Kelestynel Vaiér Dawnsong



Sorah Maldoran





Recurring Weekly EventsEdit

Da Doctas' Clinic - Tuesdays, Horde

Homeland's Weekly Welcome Walk - Wednesdays, Horde

Caer Darrow Renewal Project - Thursdays, Alliance and Horde

Other EventsEdit

Armistice Day Ball

Feast of Sen Pad'rek

Latest activityEdit

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